Website Builder - Down for Upgrades

The IDS Website builder will be down from 9AM to 2PM - 26 May 2016 for server upgrades.

25th May 2016
MICRA Server - upgrade - progress update

10 April 2016: 100% Complete07 April 2016: 14%  Starting: 07 April 2016: MICRA - server is now in the process of being moved -~ ETA 12 April 2016   Its most important, as we indicated in the personal email sent to each account holder to make sure the email accounts on ALL devices are correct.  Note that the email settings are not any ... Read More »

10th Apr 2016
BREEZE Server - upgrade - progress update

04 April 2016: 100%    03 April 2016: 75%, we where hoping to complete Breeze server today, unfortunately we have been throttled again. We plan to have this server moved by 06 April 2016    01 April 2016: 25%    30 March 2016: 13% Complete    30 March 2016: BREEZE - server is now in the process of being moved    Its most important, as we ... Read More »

4th Apr 2016
GADGETMOBILE - server update

26 March 2016 - 100% complete.Experiencing any problems, please contact us .... via support tickets over the Easter Weekend...26 March 2016 - 84% completeTransfer of all sites on this server will be completed today...21 March 2016 - 42% completeHaving email issues, please check your settings against these specs:cPanel standard email ... Read More »

26th Mar 2016
SPARK Server update

COMPLETE: 13 March 201688% complete: 09 March 2016IN PROGRESS..SPARK server is now in the process of being moved..Its most important, as we indicated in the personal email sent to each account holder to make sure the email accounts on ALL devices are correct.Note that the email settings are not any diffirent from the existing servers as indicated ... Read More »

6th Mar 2016
MATRA server transfer

COMPLETE  MATRA servers move to local network has commenced.Please watch this announment for updates.All domains pointing to MATRA server namservers will be updated:From: info:The reasons we are doing this are multiple: reduced exchange rate ... Read More »

12th Feb 2016
TORINO Server Transfer

COMPLETE  All clients on the TORINO server except those who have a BK site builder are currenly being moved to our local servers.Not sure if this is your account/s:- do a who is on ZACR and look at your NS, if its: then your account is affected.  OR- Server name can be found in your cPanel.We hope to have all TORINOs accounts ... Read More »

6th Feb 2016
International Domain Price Increase.

As a result of the weakening Rand, we have increased the price of internationally registered domains such as .com, .net, org etc. We have tried to absorb exchange rate pressure as far as possible, but at this time we need to make an adjustment.  The .com domain which was R155 has been increased to R199. Although our margins on these domains ... Read More »

12th Jan 2016
Hosting Website re-launched

The long awaited IDS Hosting website update has finally happened. Moving to a much faster platform and faster software, we hope your experience with us will be a good one, including on your mobile device as the new site has been especially focussed on to be responsive and having a good responsive experience. With the new update we have launched ... Read More »

4th Sep 2015
iDS Website Builder now added to VPS servers as well!!

The very popular website builder found on the IDS local shared hosting packages has been included in the IDS VPS servers as well.This builder is fast, easy to use and great for small to medium brochure type websites and great for setting sites up for your clients as well.Here is a demo link to take a ... Read More »

26th Jun 2015

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