How to access and find online help for BaseKit Website Builder

The Free Website builder offered is accessed via your server control panel entitled cPanel.
The link & access codes for the cPanel are found in the email we sent you when your hosting was activated called: New Account Information.
The above email can also be found in your client area under My Emails.

Access link & lost password link for your client area below:
Client area login:
Reset password:

Once cPanel is opened, scroll down and select the icon: BK (BaseKit SiteBuilder)
- select  setup sitebuilder adjacent to the relevant domain, follow the prompts and start building 
- the site will be live once published.
- return and update site any time and publish to make changes live.

Here are some links to the Base Help Facility :
- Adding Contents:
- Customizing:
- Optimizing & Publishing:

Please spend a few minutes familiarizing how the builder works before contacting support.   

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