cPanel & WHM BackUp Guide

In order to make use of your BackUp facility it needs to be linked to your cPanel account/s and configured.
View screens shots referred to below here:
This is what you need to do:
  1. Access your IDS client area
  2. Access you BackUp Admin area via your client area
  3. Link your cPanel to your BackUp Admin
  4. Configure your BackUp
  5. Manage your BackUp (when required) 
  6. Restore BackUp (when required)
Access your IDS Client Area
  • Client Area Link (Reset Password link)
  • Client Area Login email & password found in the email entitled: Welcome
  • IDS Support will reset and resend your client area password only if the request is sent from your IDS accounts registered email address
Access your BackUp Admin Area
  1. In your IDS Admin client area, select SERVICES > MY SERVICES
  2. Find Service: BackUp - BackUp Account - 100mb
  3. Select VIEW DETAILS > new page opens > Select > LOGIN TO BACKUP PANEL
  4. BackUp Admin loads & Authenticates, check URL:
  5. You are into your IDS BackUp Admin facility.
Link your cPanel to your BackUp Admin
  2. enter: username, password, domain, protocol & port
  3. for IDS clients this info is found in the email sent entitled: New Account Information
  4. This email is also found in the client admin area: Emails Sent
  5. Protocol will usually be; https:// & port 2083
  6. For non encrypted: http:// & port 2082
  7. For non IDS clients find the hosting welcome email sent to you, this info should be there.
  8. Remember if your hosting account has say 4 hosting packages, you will have 4 cPanels, each will need to be connected if backups are needed for each.
Configure your BackUp
  1. Continuing from above, linking your cPanel, on the same page
  2. Select number of backups from the drop down list
  3. If for example 3 is selected, the fourth backup will overwrite the first
  4. Select daily or weekly, if weekly, select day
  5. Select time, note server time is: -5GMT
  6. Select Add my cPanel Account
  7. connection will be verified, else re-check details entered. (try another port: 2083 or 2082 normally)
  8. enter another cPanel account or go to BackUp manager
Manage your BackUp
  1. Select BackUp Manager
  2. Each cPanel Account is highlighted in a single row, with a green background
  3. Select RUN to do a manual BackUp
  4. Select STOP to pause your BackUp's
  5. Select EDIT to alter your BackUp configuration
  6. Select ICON under the heading 'Available' to Manage BackUp file or Select Manage BackUp Files
  7. Click on the link: 'View screenshot ....' to view website image, of backup
  8. Select a check box/s adjacent to a file/s, and use the drop down above to either download or FTP BackUp file
Restore BackUp (or delete backup)
  1. Select BACKUP MANGER > MANAGE BACKUP FILES, the latter button will appear as soon as a cPanel BackUp has been made
  2. Select check box/s of backup link/s you wish to restore or download
  3. Select in drop down either DOWNLOAD or FTP transfer (FTP is to transfer via internet to your server) - select delete
  4. To Download to Host or PC select DOWNLOAD & click GO
  5. New page loads, either click on the link to download or copy link & email to your host to restore for you.
  6. Remember to delete the link once used, for security reasons.
  7. To FTP, select FTP on the drop down, and on the new page which loads, enter FTP access codes.
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